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[Top] 62 Word 2019 Course Custom E-Learning

U bekijkt het onderwerpartikel [Top] 62 Word 2019 Course Custom E-Learning dat door ons is samengesteld uit vele bronnen op internet.

Titel en ondertitel zakelijke website
Titel en ondertitel zakelijke website

Word 2019 Course Custom E-Learning

Learn everything from Word 2019 from Basic to Expert level in this online course Word 2019 Basic, Advanced and Expert. View full course content for full details.

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Microsoft Word
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Word 2019 Course Customization E-Learning Online

  • Target group: Anyone with basic knowledge who wants to master the advanced features of Word
  • Level: Basic, Advanced + Expert
  • Required knowledge level: Basic computer knowledge
  • Course duration: 17:44 (Video clips of 2 to 5 minutes / depending on personal speed)
  • Online access: 24/7, 365 days after activation
  • Online book included
  • Certificate of Participation included (after a minimum of 70% success rate)

Word course

Order this unique custom Word 2019 via E-Learning course. An online course course 2019 on Basic, Advanced and Expert level with a practical (pre-test) in advance, the result of this test is imported into your course so that you have a tailor-made course. The progress report of your course shows which knowledge you have not yet mastered, but also in which parts you can work more efficiently. This only teaches what you need to know about the course.

Order the best, unique E-Learning course Microsoft Word 2019, 365 days 24/7 access to a virtual Office (Cloud) environment with rich interactive videos, speech, subtitles, practical assignments with real-time analysis of your answers, progress monitoring through reports and the complete digital reference work. This E-Learning also prepares you for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exam thanks to its high quality. Developed by MOS educators with more than 27 years of experience and the publisher is a Microsoft Gold Partner. In the Learning Portal (LMS) including reports and after> 70% of the course a certificate of participation. The course can also be placed in an LMS via SCORM.

Course content

Get to know the word processor Word 2019 and master the basic to the expert functionalities. After completing this training, full use can be made of Word 2019. All necessary themes are covered such as: text input, layout and page layout, inserting tables, images and graphic objects and also advanced functionalities such as the use of templates , mailings and long documents.


  • What you need to know about: Word processing
  • Open documents
  • General work environment
  • Move in document
  • Display non-printable characters
  • What you need to know about: The most important rules of typography and input help
  • Text input
  • Manage paragraphs
  • What you need to know about: Select, copy and move
  • Select and delete text
  • Undo and redo actions
  • What you need to know about: Saving files
  • Save documents
  • Create new document
  • What you need to know about: Format characters
  • Apply quick styles
  • Apply themes
  • Character formatting
  • Font color
  • Capitalization
  • Font and size
  • Page layout
  • Zoom display
  • Page break
  • What you need to know about: Header and footer
  • Header and footer
  • Page numbering
  • Set tab stops
  • Tabs with leader characters
  • Manage tab stops
  • Numbering and enumeration
  • Custom bullets
  • Custom numbered list
  • Multiple list levels
  • Frame style
  • Line break
  • Hanging indentation
  • Using Word Help
  • Insert document, cover page or blank page
  • Hyphenation
  • Non-breaking space and hyphen
  • Insert special characters
  • Character spacing and position
  • Find text / formatting
  • Replace text / formatting
  • Copy formatting
  • Manage learning resources
  • Spelling and grammar checker
  • Manage custom word lists
  • AutoCorrect settings
  • Synonyms lists
  • Search and translate functions
  • View documents and windows


  • Create AutoText
  • Use AutoText
  • Manage AutoText
  • System date and time
  • Create table
  • Typing and moving in tables
  • Select and insert rows / columns
  • Delete rows / columns
  • Table styles
  • Cell formatting
  • Row height and column width
  • Cell and table alignment
  • Merge and split cells / tables
  • Convert text / table
  • Sort tables, lists, or paragraphs
  • Calculations in a table
  • Draw drawing objects
  • Size / Rotation / Adjust
  • Move / copy drawing objects
  • Format drawing objects
  • Text in drawing object / WordArt
  • Text formatting in object / WordArt
  • Insert pictures
  • Manage images
  • Image position and text wrapping
  • Caption and list of images
  • Document background
  • Graphs
  • Insert objects other application
  • Diagrams
  • Create envelopes and mailing labels
  • What you need to know about: Mailings
  • Mailing: add list to document
  • Insert fields in mailing
  • Run mailings
  • Edit recipients
  • Add and remove recipients
  • Sort mailing lists
  • Select records for printing
  • Conditional text in mailings
  • Prepare labels with mail merge
  • Document with variable fields


  • What you should know about: Styles and templates
  • Create styles
  • Using the Styles window
  • Change styles
  • Paragraph style Default
  • Delete styles
  • Formatting styles
  • Display formatting
  • Create and customize themes
  • Create templates
  • Change and delete templates
  • Modify a template associated with a document
  • Copy styles to other files
  • Move in long document
  • Sections
  • Different header and footer
  • Manage automatic page breaks
  • Footnotes and endnotes
  • Manage footnotes and endnotes
  • Outline level
  • Document overview
  • Table of contents
  • Bookmarks
  • Cross references
  • Hyperlinks
  • Multiple columns
  • Main document
  • Index
  • Citations and bibliography
  • What you need to know about: Import, export and interoperability with Word
  • Distribute Word data as PDF, XPS, text, web pages and email
  • Comments
  • Set up change tracking
  • Manage change tracking
  • Combine and compare documents
  • Protect a shared document
  • Document security by password
  • Complete a document
  • Digital signature
  • Decorative capital letter
  • Manage application settings
  • Statistics and document properties
  • Macro command
  • Convert Word documents
  • Create forms
  • Secure and use form
  • Restore versions and files
  • What you need to know about: Personalizing the ribbon
  • What you need to know about: Good word processing habits Office with or without an Office 365
  • subscription: what are the differences?
  • Create and save Office documents on OneDrive, SharePoint Online or Teams
  • Edit a document from OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams
  • Share office documents with colleagues or with people outside the organization
  • Collaborate on a file


Word (Versions 2019 and Office 365) – The reference book

Online access 365 days
Lesson duration 17:44 hours
Study load Variable because of practical assignments.
Certificate of participation Yes, after 70% of the successful assignments
Learning methods Instruction video, Demonstration video, Knowledge Base
Operating systems Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome OS, Apple MacOS
Included services Progress report, 24/7 online access
Supported browsers Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari en Chrome
MOS Exam Possible for corresponding exam number
  • “Handig om uit te filteren wat ik nog moest weten door de test vooraf. Belangrijk is dat de cursus op je eigen tempo gedaan kon worden.”

    Rob van Ravenswaaij on 18 Mar 2021


  • “Handig om uit te filteren wat ik nog moest weten door de test vooraf. Belangrijk is dat de cursus op je eigen tempo gedaan kon worden.”

    Rob van Ravenswaaij on 18 Mar 2021

Microsoft Office SCORM e-Learning

Do you want to host Microsoft Office e-Learning SCORM in your organization’s LMS? Please contact us.

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