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[Top] 56 How to Upload a Private Video on YouTube in 2023

U bekijkt het onderwerpartikel [Top] 56 How to Upload a Private Video on YouTube in 2023 dat door ons is samengesteld uit vele bronnen op internet.

YouTube-Videos richtig hochladen (2023) #WiegehtYouTube
YouTube-Videos richtig hochladen (2023) #WiegehtYouTube

How to upload a private video to YouTube? – Is that your question? Then your search ends here. Generally, people upload videos on YouTube for the world to see their creativity.

In the meantime, they want to share videos only for specified crews or families.

To achieve that, YouTube offers another option called “Private video.” It means you could keep the videos on your own, by definition, and not for the public.

Uploading private videos is an excellent approach for YouTubers. Because it helps upload a bunch of videos earlier, later tune them, and finally publish them live. Also, it’s helpful for backup purposes.

Depending on people’s situation, they use private videos on YouTube.

So, in this post, I will explain “how to upload a private video on YouTube” with step-by-step guide information with pictures.

  1. Go to your YouTube account > click the “upload video” button.
  2. Click the “SELECT FILES” button and choose the video.
  3. Fill up the basic video details like title, description, and tags.
  4. Move onto the “Visibility” tab and select the Private option.
  5. Finally, click the Publish button.

Above are the quick basic steps to upload a private video which are further discussed below with the detailed image.

How to Upload a Private Video on YouTube

Step 1: Go to YouTube

Firstly, land on, sign in and click the upload video button on the top right. Refer to the below image.

Step 2: Select Video

Now, click the “Select Files” button and choose the video you want to upload.

Step 3: Enter Basic Details

Fill up the essential video detail like title, description, tag, custom thumbnail, made-for-kids section, and so on.

To be franked, these are the essential parts to fill up for every YouTuber to rank their videos. But for private videos, it’s not necessary.

Step 4: Set Private Video as Visibility

Now, navigate the Visibility tab and choose the visibility option as “Private.“

Finally, click the Save button. That’s all. You’ve uploaded the first private video. It won’t be visible/notify your subscribers or viewers until you make that video public.

Hereabouts, the private video link will generate, and only through the channel owner login and shareable access members can it be watchable. Therefore, no one can see private videos other than the channel owners/access members.

If you want to change the video visibility to everyone after uploading, change the option to “Public” or “Schedule as Public” in the visibility option.

Bonus Tip for Creators: For better video performance, I recommend you initially upload the video into private mode, check it thoroughly, and then publish it to the public.

I have seen many YouTube Content Creators (including me) forget to add titles, descriptions, and tag parts. After publishing the video, they fix their errors. Still, it’s a bad plan to release the video on YouTube with mistakes.

If you’re a content creator and need to handle this situation to upload videos properly, then read further.

With the help of maintaining the checklist option, creators can handle the video meta details more precisely. If you want to know more about it, read the chapter below.

Upload Video with Checklists

When I initially uploaded videos on YouTube, I failed to fill the tags box. Sometimes description. Sometimes failed to add the end screen. And it goes on…

This literally makes me upset and tired. To overcome this, I found the option of Maintaining the Upload Checklist provided by the TubeBuddy tool.

What it will do is once you upload the video, it will pop out the missing details on the YouTube interface itself. Therefore, the problems can quickly sort it out and made changes immediately.

In the meantime, you can maintain and operate the checklist based on your specifications on TubeBuddy. Check out the above image.

It’s easy to use. FREE! No need to pay anything. If you want to try it out, click here and install the TubeBuddy browser extension.

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Take your time to create a quality video, optimize it, and publish it. The first impression is the best impression to attract your audience.

How do I give access to someone to see a private video?

The question is, how do I give access to someone to see my private YouTube video?

Open the private video which you want to share privately. And choose the Share Privately option under Private visibility. Refer to the below image.

Once you click the SHARE PRIVATELY option, enter the email id of the respective recipient. That’s all. You’ve given access to someone to see the private video.

If you want to know more about video feature mode settings, Check out the below image of video privacy settings.


Private: It refers to only the channel owner, and the accessible members can see the video. The user must have a YouTube account to view the private video (if they have shareable links).
Unlisted: It means, the video won’t appear in the suggestion video lists or channels. But it can be viewable by anyone even though they don’t have a YouTube account (if they have a shareable link).

100% secure. Only accessible members can view the video. It won’t show up in any video suggestions.

No. Only public videos are watchable by subscribers.


As a result, I hope you understand how to upload a private video on YouTube. In case, you have any questions or doubts, let me know in the comment section. I usually reply to all my comments. Also, share it on Twitter.

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