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[Top] 153 What is UX design all about?

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What is UX design all about?

  • May 18, 2019
  • Posted by: richa
  • Category: Analysis design UI Uncategorized UX


Today, UX design has become a hot topic each in and out of the technology scene, however like several ‘buzzwords’ the legend usually belies the truth. you will have noticed that a lot of your colleagues like to give a comment on ‘the unhealthy UX’ of a product, or ‘the nice UX’ of an internet site, however, there’s still loads of cognitive content around what these terms really mean.

A UX designer should bear in mind that every user may be a distinctive individual, who thinks otherwise from others and encompasses a distinctive perspective. A UX designer should be expertise in the art of managing user expectations. They have to decide to perceive the web behavior patterns of users as this can be essential to putting together an attractive user Experience for their target audience.

What is UX design all about?

It is nothing but users feeling about interacting with a mobile app, software program or website or any other application. It is a UX designer’s key activity to understand the usability, user’s opinion about the system and efficiency of the designed product.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the UX design stream, let’s discuss a few!!

Anybody can be a UX designer

This is absolutely a misconception about UX design. To become a UX designer, you should possess the typical skill set, a passion and mainly you should be a people person. A UX designer should curious about the human behavioral pattern. Curiosity, Empathy, Good communication skills are important skills to become a UX designer.

Programming is mandatory for UX designer

Wrong, you don’t need to be a programmer to become a UX designer. You should be able to communicate with programming teams is a must!! The Development team will convert your designs into a real working application.

UX and UI designing is the same

UX and UI designers usually work together; however, their roles are totally different from each other. UI designer mainly focuses on the designing of the actual interface. UX designer focuses on the usability, accessibility, and interaction between user and application.

UX designer is concerned about the easy navigation of application, user’s opinion about the system operation, etc. A UI designer is concerned about the color scheme, feel of the application, and design patterns, etc.

You should be a graphic designing expert to become a UX designer

Graphic design focuses on the color, decoration, font that is – aesthetics of the products. (Look of the product) UX design is totally different from this. It is concerned about the user experience, accessibility, logic, and structure of the element.

In short, UX is all about the USER!! It is a basic principle of the UX design.

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