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[Top] 110 How to Change Facebook Page URL

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Are you looking for how to change your Facebook page URL to look cooler? Or, you want to create a page to promote your brand? Facebook offers the possibility to create a custom URL for easier access to your page and profile. If you have a business page, your link address should be the name of your brand. When encountered in print media such as a business card or brochure, being easy to type helps people access your page with zero errors. Pages with a long string of numbers are difficult for people to access and will often make typos. If you have not used this feature, make sure it will help you when you want to share your account or page with others. In our guide, we will talk about how to change Facebook page URL.

What Is a Facebook Page URL?

Usernames and UserIDs belong to your public profile. Facebook uses this information to help people find you and to organize your information within the system. Facebook uses your username to create a unique profile link for you (a Facebook website such as that you can give to people or share on external websites. Usernames are not the same as your name or page name but are often similar. Your Facebook URL or username is a special link that you can give to people or share on external websites.

What to Pay Attention while Creating a Username

There are certain points you need to pay attention to while creating a username on Facebook. Especially if you are going to use that name for Facebook marketing.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Paying attention to these points will also help you while creating your Facebook page URL. Here are some of them.

  1. You cannot have more than one username.

    You can create only one username for your profile or your page and not one that someone else is using.

  2. Pay attention to length.

    Your username should contain at least 5 characters and should not consist of extensions such as com, net.

  3. Uppercases and lower cases are the same.

    Since there is no difference between “Test.123” and “test.123”, it will be the same to use uppercase and lowercase letters. However, when you want to emphasize your brand’s name, you can use uppercases while linking.

  4. If you have a business page, there is a requirement.

    If you want to change your username for your Facebook page, keep in mind that you need to be the admin of the page.

  5. Be careful with the Terms of Service.

    And finally, the username you choose must comply with Facebook’s Terms of Service.

How Can I Change Facebook Page URL?

If you have a page you have created on Facebook, you can also set a username to share on social media or with your friends. For this, first, go to your page. Click About in the menu on the left of your page. You can create a new username for your page when you click on the Edit button next to the Username section. We recommend that you choose a short and concise username that best describes your page.

Note that when you change the usernames of your Facebook profile or page, the links you have shared before will be invalid. There are not any limitations as to how many times you can change your Facebook URL, but every time you change your Facebook username, the older links will be invalid. If you have shared such posts on your other social media accounts or various platforms, it would be useful to update. Because if someone wants to enter previous Facebook links, they will see a Page Not Found error.

Can I Change my Facebook Username on Mobile App?

You can change your Facebook username on the Messenger app. Download the Messenger app on your mobile phone. Open it on your phone and log in with your Facebook account. Click on your profile picture on the upper left. On the displayed page, click on Profile. Tap Username and then Edit username. Now you can enter a new username. After you enter, Facebook will check if the new username you have entered is available. If it is, you can click Save on the upper right. Go back to the previous page, and you will see your new username and URL under Username.

What to Do If There Is No Link Address but Looks Taken

It is quite common for a username to be taken but not displayed to you. There are many reasons for this to happen. Someone may have created the page and is pending it for publication. They may have bought it and set it aside and then may use it to sell it later, or they may already have bought it for their own purposes. In both, they did not set the page and did not publish it.

Someone may have created the page at any time before, but Facebook may have removed it or blocked it. The page name may still be pending to prevent reuse. Another possibility is that the page is still active, but regional restrictions may be preventing you from seeing it. Often, for example, if somebody creates the page only for Germany and you are trying to view it from another country, you will not be able to view it. The opposite may also be true.

As in the first option, when someone wants to buy and sell the page, what you need to know is that this is against Facebook’s terms of use. You are not allowed to transfer ownership of a name to someone else. This means that you cannot sell a page or rename it for someone else to use. Of course, this can happen all the time, and Facebook does not have many ways to detect it. However, when you perform such a transaction, you run the risk of being blocked for this reason.

What Can I Do If my URL Is Blocked?

Facebook may have done this by mistake, but to be sure, you need to look into the Community Standards to see if you are violating any of them. Or, you will be wasting your time. Facebook’s Community Standards are in a greatly comprehensible format and should not be too boring to review. But you can use a fast way to check if your business page violated any rules recently. Go to your Facebook page and find the Page Quality tab. On this page, you can view any recent violations you have made so you can fix them. If everything is fine here and there are no possible violations in the Community Standards review, you can appeal your case to Facebook.

You may present a more comprehensive report if you click the arrow button in the upper-right corner on the account screen and click on Help and Support, then Report a Problem. Then select Something went wrong. You can write to Facebook support and add screenshots of any related information.

Changing the Facebook URL in Short

When we first get the Facebook account, our profile link usually consists of meaningless characters. Like We do not want to use such a profile link. It will seem complicated both to us and to people who see our profile in places we want to share it. Facebook allows us to edit our profile link aka profile URL, for our profiles and pages. In our article above, we have guided you through how to change Facebook page URL. Hope it will help you!

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